Don’t let your
students give up! ✊

Find out their ultimate goals, progress and obstacles, then keep them accountable. All via Slack.

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Less churn, more referrals ✌

Happy students are less likely to churn, and more likely to recommend your courses. Show them how much you care, and they'll become your fans—customers for life.

Is it for you? 🤔

Yes, if you can answer ‘yes’ to these 3 questions:

  • Do you teach online courses?
  • Do you care about your students’ success?
  • Do you use Slack to connect with your community—or want to?

What does customer #1 think? 🤩

How it works 👇

We’ll guide you, in 5 minutes, to…

  1. Add Xebot to your workspace
  2. Create a new program, and pick a dedicated Slack channel for it
  3. Set the intro questions
  4. Set the weekly check-in questions
  5. Invite students to join the dedicated Slack channel

Students will…

  1. Answer the intro questions and set up their profile
  2. Pick their preferred check-in day and time

Xebot will…

  1. Check-in with everyone at their own schedule
  2. Share student updates in the dedicated channel
  3. Notify you directly so you can take action if necessary
  4. Consistently follow up with those that don't reply

Pricing 💰

Simple pricing, discounted pre-launch!

$ 30
$ 20
per month
  • Active months only
  • Unlimited members
  • Pre-launch discount
  • 30-day free trial

Is it worth it? 🤨

Let’s see… How much do you sell your course for?

You’ll make double your money back if Xebot can help you retain just one struggling student once every Infinity months. It can do much better than that, and we haven't even considered the potential for increased referrals!

Meet the Maker 👋

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Hey there, I'm Merott!

I'm an indie maker and a freelance web developer. 👨🏻‍💻

I love learning (comes with the web development territory), and I've also been leading the Toptal community in London for the past two years.

I'm putting my knowledge, passion, and expertise together to help online instructors build stronger and more engaging communities.

Got questions?

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