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🗞 Course Creators Weekly #11 🗓 September 7th, 2020 - How to Stand Out With Video

In this week's edition, we look at how you can stand out with top-notch video, drip courses vs. self-paced courses, and a little push to remind you that you have something worth sharing, whether or not you believe it—you should! 😊

Use the LACEY Framework for Every Video You Make Use the LACEY Framework for Every Video You Make
🎙 Podcast 📹 Recording & Editing

Use the LACEY Framework for Every Video You Make

In this podcast episode, Demelza Marie shares the LACEY framework and her top tips for creating high-quality videos.

  • 📕
    Quality video is like a good book cover, helping you get noticed
  • 🛑
    People might not give your content a chance if your video is bad
  • 🔤
    LACEY stands for: Lighting, Audio, Camera, Editing, You
  • 💡
    Use studio lighting—don't depend on natural light
  • 👀
    Position lights in front of you, not behind, below, or elsewhere
  • 🔆
    Use ring lights for an easier setup, or go advanced with three-point lighting
  • 🎙
    Use an external microphone—even if attaching it to your phone
  • 💡
    Use studio lighting—don't depend on natural light
  • 🤳
    Use your phone as a camera—it's good enough to start with
  • 👁
    Place the camera at eye-level or very slightly above, but never down
  • 🤔
    Think about the things you'll want to edit, BEFORE you shoot the video
  • 👩🏾‍💻
    Keep your editing simple, and consider outsourcing if you can
  • 😎
    Practice being on camera—do it every day, and you'll get confident
To drip or not to drip? To drip or not to drip?
✏️ Article 🎉 Student Success

To drip or not to drip?

Are drip courses more effective than self-paced courses for learning?

  • ⚖️
    Self-paced courses are rarely completed, but more immediately actionable
  • 💧
    Drip helps learners manage their workload, with time to digest the content
  • 🐢
    Use drip for complex, sequential content, helping students avoid overwhelm
  • ⏩
    Go with self-paced for content that students need all at once, or
  • 💪
    When students are self-driven and can manage their own learning
Teach And Grow Rich Teach And Grow Rich
📹 Video 🧠 Mindset

Teach And Grow Rich

  • 🧠
    We're not good at recognising our own talents—we forget what it is we know
  • 🥱
    It's OUR life, so we become numb to what makes us unique and interesting
  • 👨‍🏫
    True learning comes from teaching others—articulate what you learn to others
  • 💁🏽‍♀️
    Take something you know, maybe someone wants it, maybe not, but just share it
  • 🔁
    The more you try → the more you're exposed to → the less you're afraid of trying
  • 🗣
    Give value and starting having conversations—you don't need to be an expert
Chris Do, The Futur via youtube.com

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