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3 articles, videos or podcasts with hours of insights from top creators, packed into a concise, digestible format, to help you build transformational courses! πŸš€

What people say ❀️

  • Course Creators Weekly has become a must-read for me. Merott is doing a phenomenal job finding the most insightful content for course creators and distilling the core takeaways. I can highly recommend it.
    Julia's photo
    Copywriter & Online Course Specialist
  • Merott distills hours of videos into the key insights, with bite-sized, easy to digest summaries, helping me keep a pulse on the latest trends in online education.
    Growth at Teachable
  • I love CCW for its well-designed, well-curated content and sharp insights on course creation. Merott condenses learnings from expert practitioners, making CCW the go-to resource for course creators.
    Writer, The Examined Life Newsletter
  • Course Creators Weekly has been a huge help for building my course, MyMBA. Merott brings together the best content about creating online courses and organizes it into an actionable, easy to digest format.
    Grant's photo
    Founder, MyMBA
  • Course Creators Weekly is my go-to source for course news and inspiration! Merott does a great job curating the most relevant content, together with a straightforward and concise style. And, his emoji game is an art of its own!
    Mirela's photo
    European University College Association
  • Loving the formatting of your newsletter, dude! Keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Jason's photo
    UN-boring business coach, Wandering Aimfully

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Hey, I'm Merott πŸ‘‹πŸ»

I'm an indie maker and freelance web developer from London.

I'm building my own business, because I'm terrible at following other people, and because I want my work to matter. I hope it will, to you and to your students.

Making progress, slowly and steadily, I'm also documenting and tweeting my journey every Monday @merott .

Thanks for visiting!