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🗞 Course Creators Weekly #14 🗓 September 28th, 2020 - How to Add MASSIVE VALUE to your Online Course

This week, we hear from Pat Flynn about how you can create massive value for your audience through online courses. We hear from Wes Bush on the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast, discussing how you can build your personal brand, and David Siteman Garland tells us why you should consider creating an online course—in case you still need convincing! 😊

How to Add MASSIVE VALUE to your Online Course
📹 Video 🥗 Mixed Salad

How to Add MASSIVE VALUE to your Online Course

  • 🎯
    Clearly communicate the transformation and outcome you promise
  • 🚀
    Condense information, saving time with less content, but faster results
  • ⏺️
    Offer video content, whether live or pre-recorded, on or off camera
  • ☑️
    Offer action plans—your step by step process
  • ✍️
    Offer worksheets—help people implement what you teach
  • 🔉
    Offer subtitles, transcripts and additional content formats, e.g. audio version
  • 🤙
    Offer Office Hours—give people access to you and your direct help
  • 👋
    Offer community—let people connect with each other, share wins, feedback, etc
  • 🔁
    Offer lifetime updates—show people you're invested in your course
  • 💸
    Offer money-back guarantees—with no questions asked
Pat Flynn via youtube.com

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How to Build a Credible, Personal Brand From Zero
🎙 Podcast 🙌 Building an Audience

How to Build a Credible, Personal Brand From Zero

This isn't explicitly about online courses, but relevant because if you want to succeed as a course creator—of course you do!—you must build credibility in your space. Here are a few key lessons I took from this podcast:

  • 🤩
    Find a problem space you feel passionate and energised about
  • 💡
    Think about not a single skill, but combined skills that help you stand out
  • 🤝
    Build social capital—genuine relationships without expecting things in return
  • 🔬
    Consult and/or deliver live lessons—you'll learn a lot and start to find patterns
  • 🤓
    Learn as much as you can around your topic
  • 🧠
    Synthesize learnings, develop your own opinions, and challenge the norm
  • ✍️
    Get in front of other people's audiences—guest blog posts, webinars, etc
  • 🥇
    Be consistent, to become THE person people associate with your topic
  • 🤑
    Create your own platform and monetise as soon as you can
10 Reasons Why You Should Create An Online Course
📹 Video 🧠 Mindset

10 Reasons Why You Should Create An Online Course

  • 1️⃣
    The ultimate lifestyle business—work on your own terms
  • 2️⃣
    No more trading hours for dollars
  • 3️⃣
    Help more people—less work, bigger impact, anywhere in the world
  • 4️⃣
    Upfront work, get paid for years
  • 5️⃣
    High value, high prices, low overhead leads to bigger profit margins
  • 6️⃣
    Teaching and packaging what you already know
  • 7️⃣
    Don't need a huge number of customers to be successful
  • 8️⃣
    Positioning yourself as an expert in your space
  • 9️⃣
    Growing your audience and email list
  • 🔟
    Recurring revenue

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