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🗞 Course Creators Weekly #15 🗓 October 5th, 2020 - 3 reasons why online courses fail

This week, I share with you a few reasons why online courses fail (and how to avoid them), lessons from Brian Green about personalizing courses, and storytelling through videos.

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3 reasons why online courses fail (and how to avoid ‘em)
📹 Video 🥗 Mixed Salad

3 reasons why online courses fail (and how to avoid ‘em)

Here are the 3+1 reasons DSG shares with us in this video, and how to avoid them. I recommend watching the entire thing—it's only about 30 minutes and full of good advice.

  • 0️⃣
    Reason #0: Limiting beliefs, untruths, assumptions, bad info—avoid them
  • 🚫
    Obsessing over the wrong things: e.g. naming your course, what tech to use
  • ✅
    Obsess over the RESULTS for your students
  • 🚫
    Going way too broad for your topic and/or your audience
  • ✅
    Be specific and dive deep on topic, audience, or both
  • 🚫
    No launch schedule, no ongoing sales, no deadline
  • ✅
    Have a launch schedule and specific deadlines to drive action
What I learned about creating personalized courses while studying Spanish in Colombia
✏️ Article 🧩 Structure & Design

What I learned about creating personalized courses while studying Spanish in Colombia

  • 💪
    Find ways to present students with content around their individual growth areas
  • 🧲
    Understand your audience to create personally relevant and engaging content
  • 🔭
    Allow and encourage freeform, practice-based learning beyond fixed curriculums
Video Storytelling
🎙 Podcast 🧩 Structure & Design

Video Storytelling

  • 🗣
    The types of content change over time, but messaging through storytelling doesn't
  • 5️⃣
    Five Ps of story: person, problem, plan, perspective [shift], payoff [results]
  • 💯
    Dissect your own story to design a path to success and results for your students
  • ❤️
    Avoid selling early—earn your customers' love and trust by providing free value first
  • 🎯
    Simplify your videos, and focus on a single end result or CTA per video
  • ⏩
    Keep videos short, only using longer videos further down in your customer journey
  • 🎤
    Invest in audio before video—poor audio will make your video look bad
  • 📱
    You might be able to use your phone for video—just get a tripod
  • ☀️
    Use good lighting—face a window for natural lighting, if you can
  • 🙌
    Get clear on who you serve—you must like them + solve a problem for them
  • 👀
    Don't compare yourself to people with lots of practice and experience

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