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🗞 Course Creators Weekly #20 🗓 November 9th, 2020 - How To Deal With Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

This week, we hear from Jason and Caroline Zook (the most amazing people 🤩) about dealing with self-doubt as entrepreneurs. We also listen to a conversation between Justin Jackson and Janelle Allen about designing courses for student success. Finally, I share with you an article about marketing content creation, from Amy Porterfield.

Enjoy! 🙂

How To Deal With Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome
📹 Video 🧠 Mindset

How To Deal With Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

If self-doubt and impostor syndrome are something you frequently deal with (who doesn't?), this is for you.

  • 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Hard truth: self-doubt doesn't go away—you can learn to deal with it, not eliminate it
  • 🥱
    Your confidence will grow over time, but only if you forever stay in your comfort zone
  • ⛽️
    Are you going to regret NOT doing something? Use that as your fuel
  • ☺️
    Stop comparing yourself to everyone who's ahead of you—focus on you
  • 🏌🏾
    Learn to get started with your projects, despite your feelings of doubt
  • 😯
    Don't assume how people will respond—you won't know until you try, but…
  • 😭
    Don't take rejections personally—there's context behind every response
  • 🚩
    Take a long-term view, where failures are a part of the story/something to reflect on

Finally, a question for you (credit goes to Caroline):

  • ❓
    Do you want the dream, more than you fear the reality of what it takes to get there?

There's also a podcast version, if you prefer that.

Your Journey is Your Journey - Justin Jackson and Janelle Allen
🎙 Podcast 🎉 Student Success

Your Journey is Your Journey - Justin Jackson and Janelle Allen

This podcast was recorded nearly two years ago, before transistor.fm became Justin's full-time focus, but there are a few golden nuggets in there that are even more relevant today:

  • 🗺
    You can't copy someone else's journey—you must figure out your own
  • 🙌
    Don't start creating a course until you've proven demand
  • 🚀
    Going from zero to one is most people's biggest hurdle—help them get past that
  • 👨🏽‍🏫
    Start by teaching live—you'll learn a lot about what works and what doesn't
  • 💸
    Choose your business model—e.g. affordable self-paced vs premium group program
  • 🏷
    Offer multiple tiers, if you can, but don't let it stop you from launching
How to Create Marketing Materials For Your Digital Course
✏️ Article 💰 Sales & Marketing

How to Create Marketing Materials For Your Digital Course

Creating a Sales Page

  • 🎯
    Craft your course promise first, including the transformation and who it's for
  • 🎭
    Use a story to frame the problem and position your product as the solution
  • ⭐
    Include bonuses to increase the perceived value of your course
  • 🧑
    Add your bio to show credibility
  • 🎬
    Use a clear call-to-action like 'Sign Up Now' or 'Join Today'

Creating a Lead Magnet

  • 🆓
    You may offer a free PDF download, a mini-course, a webinar or an audio guide
  • 🎉
    Make sure the content can be consumed and implemented quickly for a quick win

Creating an Email Sequence

  • 👂
    The aim is to inform, attract, and encourage subscribers to eventually buy your course
  • 💪
    With every email, make sure you're providing free but valuable, actionable content
  • 🙏
    Build trust before you start sending promotional emails

Creating Social Media Content

  • 👋
    Choose 1–3 platforms that your audience uses—meet them where they are
  • 🔁
    Post consistently by repurposing your other free content
  • 🤗
    Be you, let your personality show, and ask questions to encourage engagement

Using Webinars to Sell

  • 😎
    Practice, a lot, until you're confident enough to present without notes
  • 🤖
    Ditch the script—you need to show your personality, not sound like a robot
  • 😬
    Don't overwhelm your audience with too much content + let them want more

You'll find more details and examples within the article itself.


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