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🗞 Course Creators Weekly #32 🗓 February 1st, 2021 - Building Cohort-Based Courses

This week, David Perell, Tiago Forte, and Will Mannon talk about cohort-based courses, Andrew Barry has a 120-tweet mega-thread (🤯) about Transformational Online Courses, and Stephanie Habif talks about completion rates!

It's an unusually packed issue, but full of gems. I promise! 🙂

Building Cohort-Based Courses Building Cohort-Based Courses
🎙 Podcast 🥗 Mixed Salad

Building Cohort-Based Courses

A super insightful conversation between three folks behind the flagship cohort-based courses Building a Second Brain and Write of Passage.

Here are some actionable tips, but as always, listen to the episode to learn more!

  • 🎓
    Let alumni students lead and mentor their own groups, in their own way
  • 👉
    Let students pick their own mentor groups—all about ownership + belonging
  • 👋
    Encourage live interactions—far more energising than async communication
  • 🥰
    Let students start their own interest groups—huge for them + stronger community
  • 🧮
    Understand how the size of your entire cohort affects individual group dynamics
  • 🚦
    Cap your cohort size and raise the bar to create stronger communities
  • 👀
    Help students find each other and make new connections, e.g. breakout rooms
  • 🕹
    Create engaging interactions—change things up frequently throughout sessions
  • 😰
    Help students feel at ease with vulnerability—alumni students can be role models
  • 👏
    Try making your course less about you, more about the students and the mentors
  • 📧
    Have an email list—don't create courses or products unless you have people waiting
  • 📚
    Build a repository of content you can draw from by summarising what you consume
  • 💡
    Look to other industries for lessons you can draw from and apply in your own niche

You might also enjoy Ryan Gum's summary on Twitter.

How to create a transformational online course How to create a transformational online course
🐦 Twitter Thread 🎉 Student Success

How to create a transformational online course

This is a mega thread of 120 tweets and sub-threads (🤯) from Andrew Barry. There's no way I can summarise it like I usually do, but I'll break it down and share some individual pieces in future editions of CCW. Here are some of my takeaways:

  • 🧩
    Learn about basic learning concepts, e.g. pattern recognition, spaced repetition, etc
  • 🔰
    Adopt a beginner's mindset—talk to true beginners, answer questions and take notes
  • 👋🏾
    Learn about group learning, and how to design a transformational group experience
  • 🚀
    Focus on outcomes and transformation, not simply transfer of knowledge
  • 🕵🏽‍♀️
    Let students uncover answers for themselves—you don't have to cover everything
  • 🥗
    Understand the ingredients of learning: time, motivation, feedback, practice, review
  • 👣
    Create opportunities for students to learn from mentors only a few steps ahead
  • 🧠
    Learn about memory, the different types of it, and how they affect learning
  • ⚓️
    Clarify your students' prior knowledge, use that to remove irrelevant content
  • 👋
    Provide opportunities for students to interact with you for feedback and support
  • 🏃🏻‍♂️
    Organise your content to allow for shorter bursts of learning over a longer period
  • 😇
    Connect with students on an emotional level to capture their attention

I think that's enough for now… As always, click the link to learn more 👇

Andrew Barry via twitter.com
How to Design an Online Course with a 96% Completion Rate How to Design an Online Course with a 96% Completion Rate
✏️ Article 🎉 Student Success

How to Design an Online Course with a 96% Completion Rate

If you want to create a course that students FINISH (not every course needs to be), here are some things to think about:

  • 💥
    Focus on impact for individuals, not scale
  • 💁🏻‍♂️
    Go for high-touch learning with coaches, not low-touch passive learning
  • 🤝
    Create a synchronous learning schedule with baked-in accountability
  • 🔬
    Experiment, observe the results, and adapt to evolve and improve
  • 🙅🏾‍♀️
    Set expectations and filter out those who aren't a good fit for your course
Stephanie Habif via medium.com

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