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🧲 Course Creators Weekly #7 🗓 August 10th, 2020 - Lead Magnet Ideas that ACTUALLY WORK

This week's content is about building an audience, designing and delivering an effective group program, and writing good content without annoying your audience with sales!

Enjoy the read! 😍

Lead Magnet Ideas that ACTUALLY WORK Lead Magnet Ideas that ACTUALLY WORK
📹 Video 🙌 Building an Audience

Lead Magnet Ideas that ACTUALLY WORK

This an hour-long video with a lot of key takeaways…

  • 📧
    Email's the only communication platform you control
  • 💳
    Treat people's email addresses like credit cards—don't expect them to give it away
  • 🎁
    Provide an incentive to subscribe
  • 👀
    Show, visually—don't just tell
  • 🗣
    Include testimonials
  • 🎯
    The best lead magnets are specific to a niche, so…
  • 🤨
    Not everyone will resonate with them
  • 🧪
    Experiment with different types/formats, but…
  • 1️⃣
    Start with and focus on one type at a time
  • ✅
    Shorter is better

Tier 1: easy and effective lead magnets 🧲

  • 📚
    Resource lists
  • ☑️
    Cheat sheets / Quickstart guides / Checklists
  • ❓
    List of top questions + answers in your area of expertise

Tier 2: more difficult but more effective 🧲

  • 📹
    Exclusive videos e.g. mini-lessons, embedded on website with clear CTAs
  • 🗒
    Templates / worksheets (e.g. emails, code snippets, design kits)
  • 📧
    Mini course, delivered via email, no more than a week long, with specific result

Tier 3: most challenging but highly effective 🧲

  • 🥋
    A live challenge, with a community, doable within a specific timeframe (e.g. 0 to 100 subscribers in 30 days)
  • 📺
    Live Webinar, free coaching—no selling
  • 🌱
    Later, You can turn these into into tier 2, evergreen content
🔗 Pat Flynn via youtube.com
7 Key Takeaways from Teaching a Group Program 7 Key Takeaways from Teaching a Group Program
✏️ Article 🧩 Structure & Design

7 Key Takeaways from Teaching a Group Program

If you're thinking of creating a group program, reading the full article is a MUST! Each point goes deeper with more actionable advice.

  • ✅
    Define prerequisites—and uphold them
  • 🤗
    Design for the Human Element (to motivate, support and encourage)
  • 🧠
    Address people's mindset + habits
  • 📌
    Have a structure for your live calls
  • ⏳
    Use Constraints + Structure to encourage action
  • ❓
    Solve for common questions—fix the gaps
  • 3️⃣
    You'll have 3 roles: course creator, instructor/facilitator, and mentor/coach
🔗 janelleallen.com
70% Content, 30% Sales (My formula to keep readers) 70% Content, 30% Sales (My formula to keep readers)
✏️ Article 💰 Marketing & Sales

70% Content, 30% Sales (My formula to keep readers)

  • ✍️
    Write 70% good content, 30% sales pitch, so people won't hate you
  • 🙅‍♀️
    It might take years for people to buy—don't scare them away
  • 💲
    You can apply the same rule to sales copy…
  • 👣
    Lead with 70% useful info, wrap up with a sales pitch
  • 💁
    Don't be pushy—be helpful, even if they don't buy
🔗 kopywritingkourse.com

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